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31st July 2009

Antique Clocks Buyers Guide

Whenever in a rush, we tend to say, "time is of the essence." The statement is quite redundant, perhaps even to the point of moot. Time is the essence of everything. Cities, mountains, entire planets, even abstract thought is subject to time. Anti...

28th July 2009

The Line of Casio Atomic Watches

The Casio G Shock digital watches are a collection of digital watches mainly concentrated on affordable costs. They are known for their resistance against hard handling like dropping them on the floor or or dropping them into water. The Casio G wristwatc...

16th July 2009

Gent's Casio DW5600e-1v - The Classic digital G-Shock watch

This retro Casio G-Shock timepiece is a solid wristwatch for sporty people and the design looks good when you ware it. Dw5600e 1v is a wristwatch suited for sport and daily use. The 'G-Shock' explains itself, you can drop it in the floor, dip it in water,...

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