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10th June 2011

3 Ways to Greet Someone

Entering a room or building can inspire many feelings. If you are going to an interview for instance, you might be filled with nerves. If you are going to a party, you'll probably be filled with excitement. If it's your first day of school, you'll likely ...

11th March 2011

Common Excuses for Not Going to a Party or Event

It happens to everyone. You get invited to a party or event and you desperately don't want to attend. What to do? You must give an excuse to get out of going to the party. There is an art to creating the right excuse for the occasion. Read on to find...

11th March 2011


Make-up is an art. A true artist can only understand the basics and perfection in makeup. Going to a party with improper makeup reflects your immature personality or poor makeup skills. By flair in make up skills you not only become centre staged but do r...

24th January 2011

Obtain A Ringtone For Your Phone. Itís Effortless & Fun!

Ring tones can be grouped into monophonic as well as polyphonic ringtones. In the case of mono-phonic ringtones, the audio output is just like pressing the keys on your cell phone. When it comes to polyphonic ringtones, the sound output from the phone is ...

12th July 2009

General view on the styles of short hair

With your short haircut you can flaunt several of styles, which are versatile like your long hair. So it is proven wrong that only long hair can be made looking great. When you are going to a party or you are heading for your office then you can flaunt al...

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