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17th October 2011

The Many Uses of Patches: Important and Interesting Facts about Custom Embroidered Patches for Busin

Custom patches have developed into a growing trend within the past few years. Custom embroidered patches have grown to be so popular for extremely good reasons. When people want these kinds of patches they can have them customized in nearly any design to ...

11th October 2011

What is the Purpose of Embroidered Scout Patches

Girls and boys wear embroidered scout patches as symbols of the well-known organizations the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. Throughout the years troops have completed good works to help make the community better and demonstrate an ability to survive in t...

23rd August 2011

The Benefits Of Using Custom Patches.

Clubs, groups, corporations and organizations have long used custom patches in order to come up with an identification scheme, as well as to share whatever interests that they may have in common. As of today, there has been a spike in the number of co...

06th July 2011

What Is the Purpose of Embroidered Scout Patches?

Embroidered Scout patches are well-known symbols for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. These troops over the years have done a lot of work to improve the community and children’s abilities to survive in nature, and one of the biggest features of ...

06th January 2011

Military Patches Promote Military Pride

A great deal of military training revolves around breaking a raw recruit down and building him or her back up again. The person with the normal civilian experience and attitude must, in essence be destroyed and replaced with a tougher, more disciplined pe...

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