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19th April 2012

Microdermabrasion Machine And Understanding The World Of Microdermabrasion

Designed in 1989 in Italy, microdermabrasion techniques have made their way into spas, salons and even medical procedures all over the world. The results achieved by them are quite remarkable and these therapies provide a viable alternative to invasive co...

17th August 2011

Sunless Tanning: A Safe Way To Achieve The Summer Glow

We all know by now that tanning under the sun is unhealthy for our skin. But do you know that sunlamps can also wreak havoc on our skin? Whatever is the source, Sun or UV lamps, ultraviolet radiations are responsible for age spots, wrinkles, and even skin...

23rd May 2011

How To Choose The Right Sun Tan Products

Tanning is something that a lot of people like to do to give their skin a darker and more exotic color. With the sun's harmful effects having been studied and proved beyond doubt, currently, many people prefer to go in for artificial tanning which is in f...

16th March 2011

What Is Microdermabrasion?

You might have heard about facial microdermabrasion. It is one of the most widely performed, as well as most talked about, dermatology treatments right now. Many claim that this procedure can give you healthier, dramatically younger-looking skin in less t...

08th September 2010

How microdermabrasion improves the complexion of your skin

Is Microdermabrasion safer than chemical peels? Microdermabrasion is like a facial where your face is treated with tiny crystals. It may take a few sessions but it is very effective. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish and even skin that is prone to acne ...

21st April 2010

Erase Your Tattoo with Laser Tattoo Removal

People obtain tattoos for many reasons. Yet, at some point in their lives, these individuals may regret their tattoos and wish to have them removed. In order to obtain a tattoo, colored ink is injected into the skin at different levels. Tattoos obtained f...

15th December 2009

Microdermabrasion for a Healthier Skin

Finally there is a treatment called microdermabrasion that is practical for everyone. Nowadays, a lot of people is searching for means to save money. However there are always going to be needs that needs to be filled. While you may not be exactly confiden...

16th September 2009

Get the Right Acne Scar Treatment for your Scars

Acne is one of the most worrisome problems in a person's life. Women especially, feel the pinch of having acne scars that leave an indelible mark of their faces. The very thought of having acne is dreadful; and even when it is cured, the scars it leaves c...

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