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21st March 2011

Divorce in India

There was a time when one out of a hundred marriages used to end in a divorce, in India. This was one of the lowest divorce rates in the world and definitely much better when compared to countries like the UK, when one out of three marriages ended in a di...

07th September 2010

4 Essential Tips For Skin Care In India

Skin care in India is not quite as easy we would like it to be. Amongst the most troubling conditions for Indian men and women is dealing with oily skin. While the essentials are still necessary, you would need to take a few extra steps to deal with the p...

21st September 2009

Floral prints red shoes--men rebel

An air of urgency mixed with nonchalance hung in the air. People could be seen running from one place to another. Others were moving with their cameras trying to get a few comments from those who had gathered there - the celebrities. And then there was la...

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