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05th September 2011

Hire Dancers to Make Any Notable Celebration Memorable

Ballroom dance entertainment is usually an awesome solution to improve the level of excitement at important company events and other occasions, which describes why a great number of people book dancers for different occasions at present. Watching expert h...

23rd March 2011

Learn to Ballroom Dance To Meet More Girls!

You like to learn to dance. You also know that dancing is good for your health and is a good form of art. The question is what is the type of dance you want to learn if you do not have any idea beside the two mentioned? I would definitely suggest ball...

15th September 2010

Arthur Murray dance school

Dance is such an activity that makes everybody to indulge in it, and of course, it represents the traditions, beliefs and values of a specific community and its people. Dance has various forms and style and has also been referred to as ethnic, cultural, a...

01st April 2010

Salsa: An Elegant Dance Style

Salsa is one of the most popular form of ballroom dance. Learning Salsa is a wonderful experience and this style is the hottest dance and music that is taking the world by storm. This form of music is increasingly becoming popular and one can find Salsa...

05th March 2010

Arthur Murray Dance school fueling the dancing lovers with great gusto

Dancing is such a delightful recreation in which nobody can stop themselves to indulge in. In fact, it's not only an expression of one's emotions but also a great remedy to keep ourselves healthy and young. The best part is, it is so broad in scope that a...

11th November 2009

Dance For Your Life

There are differences in the Ballroom and Latin styles of each dance some are faster than others with different music and rhythms. With the Ballroom i.e. Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep, it has been known from the competition Dancespor...

05th October 2009

Popular Types Of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Instruction has recently become very popular with the surge of television shows that highlight dance. No longer reserved for the retirement age, interest nationwide in learning to dance have grown with children, young adults, middle aged and yes...

17th September 2009

The Puppet Humor

Now here's an interesting show that you may want to get when you are browsing through DVD's on sale. The Muppet show is definitely not your kiddie puppet show. And it got all the loads funny humor that adult viewers will definitely love. Created by fam...

29th May 2009

What is Ballroom Dancing ?

Ballroom dance is usually a group of partner dances. This form of dancing originally came from Germany and is now something that is enjoyed both by many people. Today, ballroom dancing is practised both socially and competitively around the globe. The var...

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