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01st February 2011

Global warming-Not good for world

The people, who read this article, please try to get answers for my questions. Why the climate now is so cold? Why there is heavy rainfall in some part of the countries? Why big glacier mountains are getting melted? Why the life span of people in many co...

18th January 2011

Protect Your Toddler From Hypothermia and Frostbite

To protect your child from any harm, proper winter wear is needed during cold season. Like all other seasons, winter season gives children especially toddlers a wide grin on their faces as they start to think about the outdoor activities they can do while...

04th May 2010

The Dangers of Icebergs

Icebergs are among nature's most spectacular creations, and yet most people have never seen one. A vague air of mystery envelops them. They come into being somewhere in faraway, waters, amid thunderous noise and splashing turbulence, which in most cases n...

16th December 2009

Best Gas Mileage Five Random Tips

With gas prices soaring all over the US, this subject becomes hot in US, too. Finally Americans joined the rest of the Earth in a craving for saving some gas. Here are some tips from the former car engine designer that will help your wallet a bit. - Tr...

08th December 2009

Blanket America to Ease the Suffering of Families like Little Jeffrey's

As you sit here reading, 35 million Americans are living in poverty. Though the Great Recession shows signs of improvement on a national level, many destitute families are not getting the relief they need against the cold winter months ahead. For those of...

26th November 2009

3 Gorgeous Themes for Decorating your Home for Christmas

As the Christmas holiday season approaches families are looking to decorate their homes. They will likely have decorations that have been passed down or saved over the years. However from time to time families may want to try something new for their home....

31st July 2009

Do Canines Own Us or Do We Rule Them?

Dogs are some of the most beloved pets ever welcomed in the human home. They gaze at their owners with those big doggy orbs, doze at your feet, welcome you when you arrive home, wriggling madly as if you were a lord, and humbly chow down whatever wholesal...

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