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04th July 2011

Reduce Tax Liability - Deductible Business Expenses

Expenses is a very large area of tax, and one of the most challenging as well, which is why we’ve written this blog post; to try and give you an idea of some of the expenses that you can claim. An expense is allowable as long as it was reasonably incur...

09th August 2010

Silver Necklaces for Women - What to Buy?

If you're to purchase sterling necklaces for women, the very first thing that you may want to check out is what type of necklace would best fit that person that you're going to be giving it to. Women are very appreciative regarding jewellery, however they...

07th January 2010

The Beginning Photographer's Guide To Shutter Speed

Shutter speed measures how fast the shutter of your camera opens and closes. The longer time it is open, the more light to which your digital image sensor (or film) is exposed. The more light exposure, the more potential movement you'll capture from the...

05th August 2009

Tax Issues To Keep In Mind When You Get Married

Getting married is a glorious event, certainly one of the most important in your life. That being said, the sheer joy involved can easily result in missing out on some practical issues that can pop up. This includes remembering to handle some administrati...

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