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20th October 2011

Updates of Knitting

Just lately, knitting has undergone a resurrection and a renaissance, and at this time has more accomplishing fanatics than at any time, not only from the elite but also individuals who just want to discover. Specialty yarns have been developed from vario...

11th November 2010

Yarn Substitutions: How To Identify Quality Substitutes

Today, knitters all around the world use a number of different substitutes for their knitting requirements. You might be interested in learning more about these substitutes, as they do have a number of advantages, if you think about it. However, one needs...

31st August 2010


Knitting is an eternal favorite craft of all those art lovers. It basically satisfies the basic need for warm clothes. Knitting can be simply explained as the interlocking of loops of yarn that is made of wool. But for art lovers, the art yarn is more tha...

19th March 2010

Mohali boy debuts at Lakme Fashion Week

It is well past sun down but the day has just begun for this 27-year-old designer. "I have waited so long for this moment," admits Vipin Batra as he scurries about getting his tall, leggy models to try out his designs. Batra opened the Generation Next des...

24th February 2010

Knitting Is Not For Grannies Anymore

By l3y in Family
One of the fastest growing trends today is teenagers learning to knit. While the word "knitting" used to make you think of grandma sitting in her rocker knitting a baby blanket for some distant relative, this is just not the case anymore. Today, million...

24th February 2010

Knitting Bags Are Indispensable

By l3y in Family
The main aim of these bags is to make your project portable and easy. A knitting bag not only makes your knitting organized but caters to your needs while you are on a run. These bags are specially made to provide you comfort, while you are engaged in thi...

30th June 2009

Why Read Historical Fiction Books?

The great thing about historical fiction books is that they take you to a period that was real and re-create it for us - opening up both intriguing stories, plus also informing us of the actual history of the times, people and places - usually with accura...

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