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21st February 2011


Spotting airplanes or trainspotting is more or less accepted as a hobby, but when you are watching sea containers in the port of Rotterdam, people tend to look at you in a funny way. “Spotting” sea containers however is just as interesting as watching air...

01st February 2011

Funny is a smile or laugh in the face of all human beings.

Funny or pleasure is linked at any time, action, image, photo, video, entertainment, jokes, character, animal, human or any caricature, etc. Nobody can say where this strange word is derived, but any action that brings a smile or laugh, seeing or feeling ...

08th January 2010

Why outsource work to a cartoonist India based

The liberalization of economy in India has resulted in outsourcing of various kinds of work to the country. There are many a cartoonist India based who can provide good work related to cartoon, illustration, caricature, etc. Cartooning is a great art ...

30th October 2009

Funny Quotes by Albert Einstein to Brighten Up Your Day

Albert Einstein - This Name doesn't need any introduction. Everyone knows about him, his achievement and his inventions. He was master minded genius and by far most intellectual person. He was one of the most well-known scientists of the century. Alth...

07th May 2009

fun Surveys and Quizzes for You and Your Friends

A survey or quiz is one of the easiest ways to determine what another person believes. And it is better yet when you can use a fun survey or quiz to send to your friends! The questions allow you the opportunity to really reflect on what you think and ...

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