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23rd February 2011

Vegetarian Diet - Is It Safe For My Infant?

When you plan to put your infant in vegetarian diet because of ethical or dietary reasons, you need to be cautious in selecting food items in nourishing your child. When breastfeeding your baby while in a strict vegetarian diet, additional nutrients a...

22nd February 2011

Family Recipe: Easy Chicken Kebabs

Family Recipe: Easy Chicken Kebabs Try this tasty family recipe that the kids will love you can even get them to help you make it! With the chicken providing a good source of protein, and the valuable addition of an array of vegetables, this can provi...

19th January 2011

Child Malnutrition | Child Protection, donate to children

Save the children Few of us are aware that every year, more than 3 million children around the world die from causes related to malnutrition. Yes, is the numbers are indeed shocking but unfortunately, it is true! What is more shocking is the fact that...

06th June 2009

The Importance of Nutrition When Exercising

By entr in Diet
Adequate nutrition is necessary if the benefits of exercising are to be achieved and should go hand in hand. During an exercise, the rate of metabolism (catabolism in this case) increases and that burns up a lot of calories. This means that there is deple...

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