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15th February 2011

Prepaid Funerals Initiatives

There comes a time in all our lives when we come to the realization that we are not immortal and important decisions need to be made, including our thoughts on Prepaid Funerals. I have to ask myself, "Do I want to be the one who plans my funeral?" Of cour...

19th January 2011

Horse Drawn Funeral

A funeral is the time when we give someone who has died a final and parting tribute. We can express our feelings and respect for one who has passed away by giving them a touching and memorable service which all present will remember them by. If you wis...

06th October 2010

Halloween Word Games Educational Halloween Games for School

Halloween word games are a great way to get kids playing with words and learning while they have lots of fun. The games are ideal for school but can also be used at home. There are many traditional word games that can be turned into a Halloween game simpl...

10th August 2010

Shopping For Coffin Discounts At An Online Casket Store

Derek Ashland is a veteran funeral director who loves blogging about his work at the Casket Store. For more details about Funeral Coffin, Pet Urns and Pet Caskets please visit most difficult thing to experience is when some...

02nd July 2010

Common Mausoleum Issues and Remedies

Mausoleums, in general, tend to be beautiful buildings, standing as stately monuments to the loved ones who are layed to rest in them. These ornate buildings, commonly adorned with bronze and gold accents, marble columns and stained glass windows, are des...

28th April 2010

Help Save The Environment - Have A Green Funeral

Death is a part of life and so are funeral services. But did you know how much damage we do to the earth even after we have stopped living? Did you know that 60 million trees are axed every year to build coffins? Gases released during cremation account fo...

24th March 2010

Labour's Workman Like Budget

It has been reported that the forthcoming budget on Wednesday 24th March 2010 is going to be a workman like budget and has been influenced by Lord Mandleson. I think it is only fair to say that a great country like Britain with soldiers dying in Afgha...

07th January 2010

Organising a funeral after someone dies

your behalf. 3. Transport You'll need to decide on the size and makeup of the cortege (the hearse and the cars following it). Other questions to consider include: Will it be a standard, motorbike or horse-drawn hearse? How many cars will be nee...

24th November 2009

Elvis Presley Biography - Elvis Mother

The King of Rock and Roll acknowledged that the most important woman in his life was Gladys Love Presley, his beloved mother. As much as his mother was the most important woman for him, she definitely was the most influential who encouraged Elvis to show ...

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