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16th October 2012

Sea Cucumber As Food

Sea cucumbers destined for food are traditionally harvested by hand on small watercraft; a process known as trepanging. It is dried for preservation purposes and has to be rehydrated by boiling and soaking in water for several days for the sea cucumber to...

30th June 2011

Where Can I Buy Fortune Cookies in Bulk?

Chinese restaurant fortune cookies are an important staple in restaurants serving Chinese cuisine. Besides being offered as dessert, you can find them by a table near the door or on a tray in a waitress station. Itís no wonder that these restaurants and t...

16th May 2011

Finding a Reliable Chinese Restaurant Supplier

Authentic Chinese restaurant supplies are essential for all restaurants that serve delicious Chinese cuisine. To source premium quality products at wholesale prices, it is necessary to locate a good supplier of Chinese restaurant products. With a wide ran...

10th March 2011

Having Makhni Chicken in Restaurants

With regards to meals to relish, individuals would possibly recommend you common joints, well-known names in meals business equivalent to McDonalds or Pizza Hut which might worldwide manufacturers or stuff like Karims in Delhi for Mughlai and non-vegetari...

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