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23rd September 2009

5 Essential Qualities: - Great Leaders display the 3Cs & 2Ps; Simple but Universal

For those of you who harbor bold dreams of becoming a leader with a mission of realizing your vision, we now seek to inculcate in you the 5 essential components that make up a vision. I call it the 3Cs and 2Ps. The first and arguably most important C w...

22nd September 2009


By jay in Divorce
PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE, SO THEY MARRY --------------------------------------- Basic questions are important to be answered at the start of a marriage like inquiring about your spouse's goals in life, ambitions, aspirations, number of children expected, a...

20th July 2009

Start Your Antique Pens Collection

Commencing with the way a pen feels between your fingers as well as the way it writes as soon as the point joins paper, you can instantaneously tell when a pen has quality. People have grown an interest in collecting pens for numerous years now. The old...

05th July 2009

The Cash from Your Camera Illusion- Part II

So you've realised that many cash from your camera schemes are a bit of money making scam. Their primary function is business. They want to make money from their books. They aren't charities. But, you still want to make money from photography. Don't let m...

19th June 2009

Music Teaching Tips: How to Handle Unmotivated Students

Are you a music teacher? Do you wish to have some music teaching tips to help you handle and facilitate unmotivated learners? Well, this post is for you as this provides you some helpful music teaching tips to make all your students highly motivated ones ...

19th June 2009

Great Audition Advice For Acting Beginners

For most young actors, the first time audition can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Most auditions are over before you know it. When you go to your first audition, only you know that you are on your first audition. Be confident at your audition. Th...

01st May 2009

Expand Your Friends Circle with Social Networking

Every one loves to live amidst friends and today, it is possible to make new friends online. You need friends to share whatever you have got. You may also receive useful information from your friends. Forming friends groups and sharing useful things wil...

27th March 2009

U-Dance - Let Out Your Dancing Passion!

Do you happen to have lots of soul and that tingling feeling in your feet each time you hear music? In short, do you have a passion for dancing? If this is the case, you will not be disappointed by the newest dance rage that is about to take over every ho...

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