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29th July 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N97: Handsets with a lot of innovation

In the recent times, several mobile phone brands are competing with each other. Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N97 have comes up with several unique features. The C905 is popular for its quality camera features whereas, the N97 comes with user friendly S60 ...

16th July 2009

Nokia N96 and Nokia N97: Handsets for Connecting people and Performing Various Important Tasks.

Both Nokia N96 and Nokia N97 models of Nokia are the high-quality handsets with a number of sophisticated features. These two mobile phones help in connecting people residing in different regions and corner of the world. Lets see the similarities and diss...

17th April 2009

Samsung J700 Chrome: The Mobile Phone For Common As Well As Business Users

In an era of telecommunication technology, handsets have become one of the basic needs for the people. We all know that these are multi-functional devices, with the help of which we can perform many operations, for which we had to keep the bulky devices i...

04th April 2009

Nokia N95 Black

There are certain features that make certain mobile phones to be placed amongst the best selling on the market. These features include; screen resolution, screen size, memory capacity and a whole lot more other features. Most of the mobile phone companies...

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