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01st November 2012

Starting Your Own Wedding Photography Business

So, you've got determined that you just have an interest in changing into a marriage artist or you can say changing into a wedding photographer. You've a pleasant camera and you're keen on taking photos of friends and family. So, you've got everything you...

19th September 2011

Cover Crops and Striptill Farming: Turning Fortune Tables In Favor

Are you too one of those who are planning to quit the farming profession because of decreasing annual return and increasing inputs cost? If yes, you are not the only one, there are thousands of farmers who are thinking one same ground. But this is not the...

29th May 2011

Business Communication Strategies: Go Global

Most businesses aim at creating strategies for maximal productivity and financial gain. A top end business strategy would involve careful planning, communication and execution. In developing all strategies a lot of emphasis is laid on planning and executi...

17th May 2011

Business And Finance News defining relationships

Money begets money. This sentence is as old as the idea of money and business. There was a time when the concept of currency wasnít there. People used barter system for business. Earlier business was just about transactions fulfilling each otherís need in...

17th January 2011

Give You Home an Energy Makeover

Most individuals have innate drive on conserving energy. Turning the lights of when they are not in use is the most common example of conserving energy. And this practice is fervently done by many. It is like an unwritten rule that every one abides. Truly...

02nd November 2010

Save Electricity From Appliances And Outdated Light Bulbs

A lot of people are not aware that every time electricity is being saved, we somehow help contribute by saving our planet from pollution. Electric companies and other electricity suppliers supply electricity for their consumer by processing or generating ...

26th October 2010

How to be successful with iPhone Apps

Since Apple launched the iPhone a lot of people have become very rich by designing iPhone applications. Whether it is iPhone games or iPhone apps does not matter. If it goes viral, financial gain has the opportunity to take off beyond the wildest dreams o...

18th February 2010

Will 'My Name is Khan' be a Box Office hit?

While some political parties continue threatening to disrupt the release of 'My Name Is Khan', Shahrukh's innumerable fans are eagerly waiting for the film to hit the silver screen. The Yash Raj film, co-produced by Gauri Khan, is directed by Karan Johar....

08th January 2010

Mariah Carey and fame are 'Inseparable' in 2010, says Ganesha

Singer, record producer, lyricist, and now actress - there is nothing that Mariah Carey can't do. Whatever she touches, turns to gold; whatever she sings, sells platinum. Going completely against her glamorous image, she played a 'simple' social worker in...

21st August 2009

Using the Law of Attraction To Attract Money, Love, & Material Possessions

By bela in Family
The Law of Attraction is a very powerful force. It is a universal law which states that whatever you put a lot of thought into will become a reality, whether it is something you want or not. Hard to digest? Well, if you're not an open-minded person, y...

27th March 2009

IRS Tax Fraud Defined

Every American citizen is responsible for filing their own federal income tax return, through what is called voluntary compliance. Most Americans do file their income tax return reporting their earning and paying the required tax liability as calculated b...

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