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10th October 2011

Photo Magnets

Nowadays, photos are mainly stored on the computer but there is always one or two photos that we just love to look at every day. However, with photo magnets you don't have to search for the perfect frame or magnetic frame, nor do you have to search for a ...

13th June 2011

Live with a Less-Than-Perfect Camera

Ansell Adams might not have used a camera phone to photograph "Moonrise, Hernandez," but I bet he would have loved to have one around when he was hanging out with Edward Weston. The value of a photograph taken with a camera phone does not lie in its ph...

06th May 2011

Increase Profits with Promotional Products

There are many promotional items on the market. Cost, personal choice, and the type of business you are promoting will all factor into the decision. Some of the best promotional products are those that people use or see everyday. Shirts or articles of clo...

11th February 2011

Preserve IRS Penalties From Skyrocketing Details You Require to Know

Extortion Plain and Simple: IRS penalties make points fair. Soon after all, how fair is it to these who spend their taxes on time if the late filers don't get punished? But however for you, penalties have mutated into getting a way for the IRS to Extort B...

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