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17th May 2011

Things That May Disrupt the Digital TV Signal

Digital TV transmission has been used by most networks since 2009 and because of the clarity of the videos and the crispness of the sound; many people are upgrading their TV into the flat LED and LCD which are digital TVs both. Those who cannot afford to ...

11th February 2011

6 Misconceptions about Tanning and Sun Damages

Here are six of the most common misconceptions about sun bathing and tanning: 1.) Most people think that moisturizer can prevent the skin from peeling after sun bathing. This is definitely not true. Although it can hydrate your skin, burned skin will p...

18th August 2010

Solar PV Energy – Dump Polluting Oil Companies & Go Solar!

Did you know that by installing Solar Panels at your property to generate electricity, you could earn an income of up to 8% pa tax free with the Government backed Feed-in Tariff Scheme? With decreasing oil reserves, fires at oil storage depots, oil pou...

07th June 2010

How to Create Photos of Waterfalls

If you have been searching for an informative article that contains loads of valuable tips on the correct way to capture truly excellent photos of falling water when you're next going to a rainforest waterfall then read on and take advantage of the follow...

26th November 2009

DIY Solar Power Panels The Future is HereAt a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine if solar power panels could be "sprayed-on"? Recently scientists have invented a plastic solar cell which can trap the solar energy be it a sunny or cloudy day. This plastic uses nanotechnology in which the tiny solar cells can harness even the so...

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