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06th January 2012

My Experiences With Hair Extensions

My first experiences with hair extensions began about 10 years ago. Wigs and clip in hair extensions were used by a small percentage of the population, according to my peer group and knowledge. Wow how things have changed since then. Having some theatrica...

18th February 2011

Cheap Mobile Phone Deals Compare to Grab Best Deal

Comparison of price must be done in selling and purchasing anything in the market. What are you planning to shop next? Mobile...just go and compare the cost of your selected handsets at several mobile stores. Marginal price vary from shop to shop. You can...

05th January 2011

Contract Phones : Get the incredible offers with your dream phone

Now a days, carrying a mobile phone has become a necessity stay in touch with everyone and everywhere. Communication is the utmost need in the today's competitive world. Mobile is a small portable device which do wonders for the users to stay connected wi...

27th October 2010

The Best Way To Hide Your Tattoo

Tattoos are pretty common, yet they still hold a certain stigma, depending on they design and location of your tattoo. There are those people who regret a particular tattoo, especially if their career takes them into a more conservative peer group. I ...

25th October 2010

Who to Invite To Your Daughter's Bat Mitzvah

A Bat Mitzvah is an exciting event in a Jewish girl's life. Families, however, can feel stressed when they try to determine just who they should invite. Here are some tips to help you with your guest list. If your daughter attends a small, private scho...

25th January 2010

Understanding the Invincible Teenager

advice, modeling and how to assess risks. So, communication's got to be open and without ordering or judgment. So that teens are going to listen and learn how to assess risks. Because let's face it, there are risks in everything we do whether it's just...

30th December 2009

Growing Through the Challenges of Peer Pressure

Have you ever felt the need to conform just to be with the "in" crowd? How about feeling an overwhelming desire to belong to a group that you'll do anything they tell you just to be accepted? Have you ever been forced to prove yourself worthy of getting...

08th December 2009

Learn From Graduation Party Mistakes

The first time you look at one of the free graduation party planners and see that you are already late sending out graduation invitations and arranging the graduation party can fill you with a sense of horror. With some experience you learn when to start ...

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