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20th March 2012

Prefabrication and Modularity in BIM Construction

As Building Information Modeling continues its march through the AEC industry, its effects and advantages for construction management are coming more into the spotlight. BIM construction is a fundamentally different animal than past practices. In terms of...

17th August 2011

Mask Making For Kids

We all know how amazing technology is nowadays and it really is astounding how fast it's advanced in such as short space of time. But for all the wonders of technology, getting your child making and creating will teach them far more than the snazziest gad...

03rd May 2011

Animal Beads: Not A Child’s Play

Beadwork is an ancient art of weaving beads in a way to be used as decorative for jewelry or home. It first originated in Africa and was later introduced to the rest of the countries. In the earlier times, beads were usually made from naturally available ...

30th March 2011

Popular Animal Themes for Parties, Decorating, and Designs

There is something compelling about animal prints and designs. It brings out the wild side of human nature. A woman in a leopard print dress sends a message about who she is and what she is capable of. A man in a leather jacket gives off a kind of raw ...

08th March 2011

Thank You Cards: A word of gratitude

Wow Baby Gifts are a personalized baby gift company. We produce a range of personalized baby gifts and Thank You Cards which are suitable for all occasions and all ages. Our range of name christening gifts can be produced for various special events. Th...

25th November 2010

The Door Entry Phone – A Modern Entry System

Remember when access control to the office was a huge bone of contention for the staff who worked there? Everyone would be involved in some kind of important project, heads down, keyboards fluttering away – and then the intercom would go, its shrill buzz ...

15th November 2009

Snuggies – Why Should You Buy One?

The winters are here again. To keep yourself warm and cozy, whether while sitting on a couch watching your favorite soap or while surfing the Internet, you should use a snuggie. Snuggies are quite popular, but if you are not aware of what a snuggie is, le...

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