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20th September 2012


If you want to find a really good hospitality management career position, then Miami is the place to go. There are a number of reasons why Miami is considered to be a hotspot for this kind of career positions. Other than that, there are also various ins...

27th November 2009

What Are The Different Sunless Tanning Techniques

One of the longest running fads of all time is the bronzed skin look. Tanning has become a favorite pastime for many people since golden skin became the in thing. These bathers love the summer time when free tans are all around for the taking! That was...

18th November 2009

Simply Anti Aging - To Sauna Or Steam

There is some confusion between the terms "steam bath" and "saunas". Saunas use a heater, have very low humidity and produce temperatures of a safe 80c and 100c. Saunas are usually wood lined and have wooden benches to relax on. They are insulated to reta...

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