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26th July 2011

Herbal moisturizing cream for hand and body

Our body is exposed to pollutants and ultraviolet rays once we go out somewhere. Also staying in air conditioned room for continuous hours dehydrates our skin of essential oil. There is a definite amount of oil and water that is required for healthy skin....

15th June 2011

Knowing About Pure Fiji Products

Pure Fiji produces a full line of body and skin care products. Power-packed and exotic ingredients such as Dilo Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Macadamia Oil smoothes, hydrates and tones the skin perfectly. Products such as the Nourishing Exotic Oils and Coco...

01st April 2011

Clear Skin Tips To Stay Blemish Free

When we see a child or pictures of us when we were kids, we sigh at the beautiful, smooth and flawless skin at that age. But with passage of time, maintaining this perfection becomes quite a challenge. As we grow older, we do not pay enough attention to o...

31st March 2011

Beneficial Uses of Zinc and Zinc Moisturizers for Sun Protection

Have you ever heard of “Zinc?” You might be familiar with Zinc as a nutritional mineral that is necessary for good health, or many of you may remember the golden days of the 80’s when brightly colored neon Zinc facial creams were all the rage on the ski s...

16th March 2011

Moisturizer is another essential for good facial skin care

Good facial skin care starts with cleaning. During the day, your skin will gradually accumulate minute traces of the atmosphere around you. That includes dirt, pollution, skin cells, and even specks of food. During the night, you likely use a moisturizer ...

25th November 2010

Treatment Tips for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a hereditary skin condition that's commonly known as 'chicken skin'. KP can appear just about anywhere on your body but upper arms, back, buttocks and thighs are the most common areas where you can find this condition. It's chara...

25th November 2010

Deal with Stretch Marks the Natural Way

Pregnancy, rapid weight gain, weight loss or grow spurts are all factors that cause stretch marks. These scars are benign, but are known to cause self esteem issues. This is the main reason why individuals seek treatment for stretch marks. The best treatm...

27th October 2010

What Your Eyes Say About You

Your eyes can tell a story. For many people, the eyes are the most expressive part of non-verbal communications. Shooting daggers when we are angry; lighting up when we are happy; deep and troubled when we are sad. The eyes are also one of the most ...

04th May 2010

Avotone vs. Revitol

What are the difference between Avotone and Revitol? Even though both products are for anti-aging and wrinkles, I would like to tell the difference between the two creams. Avotone wrinkle cream is not an anti-aging cream. It is a cream that helps reduc...

16th December 2009

Signals Anti Aging Skin Product: Anti Aging Skin Stem Cell

By Rod in Beauty
Signals anti-aging stem cell solution presents its revolutionary and every so often controversial solution to our aging concerns. If anti-aging or anti aging skin products is a frequent household product for you, then you are surely up-to-date with the...

27th November 2009

How to Find Natural Relief For Dry, Itchy Skin

People who suffer from dry, itchy skin can tell you that often the sensation becomes so bad it is almost overwhelming. You want to find a way to treat the itch but scratching dry itchy skin can often damage it and open you up to possible infection if you ...

27th November 2009

Anti Aging Moisturizer: Why You Need One.

By ray in Beauty
It does not matter if your skin is dry, mixed or oily you always need a moisturizer! Many women tend to ignore the fact that their skins needs to be fed with a moisturizing cream daily and that causes their skins to get older faster and show more problems...

16th September 2009

Skin Care Beauty Products for your Skin

The thing about your skin is that it is 100% you- what may work to keep your best friend's skin flawless may not work for you. Furthermore, what may give your sister a beautiful all-year-round glow, may leave your skin blotchy and itchy. This is why, when...

18th June 2009

4 Steps To Amazing Flawless Skin!

Haven't you always wanted to have a flawless complexion? While make-up can help you camouflage some of the flaws, you need to practice proper skin care to get a naturally healthy glow that lasts forever.Here are five features to make your complexion flawl...

06th June 2009

Best Skin Care Products for All Seasons

Skin care is a vital part of every person's daily activities. Some may need to take the extra effort to look blemish free because of the sensitive nature of their skin. Here are some tips that will help you choose skin care and beauty products, depend...

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