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07th September 2011

How psychic readings can enrich your life

There are always two sides to a coin. In the case of psychics readings, there are some who swear by it and there are others who think it is just a sham. Would you like an objective view of psychic readings? Would you like to find out how they can impact y...

04th February 2011

The Secret and Magic Hidden behind Communication

Do you have some trouble each time when you talk with someone, such as one of your friends? Such a trouble is called communication barrier, which reduces and blocks the effectiveness of your conversation, making your ideas mistakenly understood. Now w...

31st January 2011

Discussion on Sino-us relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

My husband and I talk about everything, we discuss very extensive topic, but the most popular topics are economy, house property, political environment, family and marriage. Her husband said he saw an article, which said Chinese people and westerners a...

19th July 2010

The power is in your hands, the day you will realize this, a change will take place :Priyanka Gandhi

23 April 2007 , Raebareli Brothers and Sisters, you all know the relation of my family with Rae Bareli. There was a time when Indiraji was your MP. Then for some years no one from my family contested from this seat. Then you supported Soniaji and she won...

30th April 2010

How Divorce Affects Your Children

Recently I spoke with a woman whose coaching practice revolves around the issue of children and divorce. She had many useful strategies for dealing with this challenge but what it all seemed to come down to is this: if you love your children more than ...

11th March 2010

The Importance of Trust in an Attorney/Client Relationship

I have always recognized the importance of rapport, good faith and mutual respect between a client and his/her attorney. However, it was only very recently that I came to realize just how important they are, and how significantly the psychological aspect...

10th December 2009

Fun Corporate Activities encourage improved communication

Although Corporate team building activities are often the brunt of jokes in the office place, the team building process is important for developing cooperation and teamwork amongst co-workers. Fun Corporate Activities helps employees form an effective tea...

12th November 2009

How To Stop Divorce And Save Your Marriage Now

Couples are forever getting divorced. There are a number of reasons that lead to this and people get hurt in the process. If there is anything you can do to prevent this from happening you should consider it, especially if children are involved. If you...

07th July 2009

Former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh divorced last summer

KNOXVILLE -- With the numerous public scandals and other news concerning politics and marital or sexual relationships over the years, you wouldn't think that the divorce of a state's major power couple would go unnoticed by the media for long. Yet it wasn...

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