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10th March 2011

Back End Of The Donkey

So that's what they think of me. The back end of the donkey they said. How could that be? I've done my share of the dirty work round here, and I know I'll never play a lead role, but if this is the best they can offer me…then I quit. I'm out of here. I'll...

01st March 2010

Celebrity Gossip: The Danger Bend

Celebrity gossip hunting can sometimes get dangerous for the reporter as well as for the celebrity. We are not unaware of the dangers associated with the paparazzi tailing a celeb as she gets out of a restaurant with her partner. Celeb gossip reporters ca...

14th December 2009

Using Autoresponders to Reach More Contacts

You know what an autoresponder is, right? An autoresponder is a pre-written email, sometimes a series of emails, saved online and then used when someone opts in to your website. At any given time you can have 20 or 30 autoresponder messages ready to send ...

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