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05th July 2011

Humble Asian Arts

Asian art cannot be underestimated in wherever angle you look at it. Just by considering wall paintings alone, one can notice that art belonging from this heavy-cultural continent is not just merely streaks of brush strokes or some squares that are piled ...

09th March 2011

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phones or cell phones are a godsend to society - there is no question of that. It is a boon to our private lives, and it is even more important to business. It allows very small firms to stay in touch with customers and potential customers without ...

09th March 2011

Satellite Phone Rental

Communication is a vital part of any job, yet there are some positions in which the standard mobile phone cannot be used. This is because network providers do not extend their services to remote areas where certain types of professionals may be operating....

21st February 2011

Corporate Security Services in Developing Countries–India Case Example

Security is a catch all term for a growing and diverse range of skills, services, products and affects. The spectrum has grown from just physical to include online, travel, financial, environmental, brand, personal, technical and much, much more. The prob...

12th June 2009

When the People Fight Back

Executive Summary - First we have a video of a soccer game, not in USA. A guy runs across the field. Ok so they should take him into custody, throw him out of stadium, bar him from returning or maybe write him a citation for this event. What the security ...

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