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28th June 2011

Two Basic Types Of IRAs

Although there are a variety of IRAs available, here are two of the most common IRAs. Traditional IRA ROTH IRA 1. Traditional IRA This type of IRA can be set up by any individual who has earned income. Earned income is defined as W...

05th May 2011

An Additional Step to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate in Your IRA

I recently shared two key steps to do before investing in real estate in your IRA. Step #1: Understand the Special Tax Treatment Rules for IRAs Only certain types of income receive special tax treatment. Step #2: Understand the Type of Income Yo...

15th February 2011

1031 Exchange and Tax Advantages

A 1031 Exchange or Like Kind Exchange is defined by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. This code specifies that if an asset (usually some form of real estate such asland or a building) is sold and the proceeds of the sale are then reinvested in...

10th May 2010

How an IRA Differs From a Roth IRA

There are a lot of differences, and even more similarities, between a traditional and Roth IRA, but the key factor in how the two differ is in your future, and current, tax obligations. An IRA is an independent retirement account, which means you set t...

23rd November 2009

Fundamentals of Rollover IRA

Switching a job is quite regular these days, be it due to a better opportunity in a different company or even because of a job loss. In any case, if there is a change in employment, the rollover IRA plays a vital role as it is a retirement account which g...

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