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24th June 2011

Your Cheap Acoustic Guitars - Equipment That Keeps Them Playing

Cheap acoustic guitars, or basses - it doesn't matter which you've got, you will still have to deliver fixes every so often. While I actually cannot picture the original blues musicians possessing anything at all aside from the ancient six string as well ...

04th May 2011

The Electro Acoustic Guitar - A Short List Of Items That Keep It Going

Electro acoustic guitar, electric guitar or acoustic guitar - no matter what kind you might have, you still will need to provide some running fixes on occasion. Although I cannot imagine many of the first delta blues musicians possessing anything aside fr...

28th April 2011

Perhaps You Have Looked at Shopping For Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Have you ever attempted to buy left handed acoustic guitars you will understand that although there are various right handed editions on hand at one time, the lefty designs are not on hand, not available or have a prolonged lead time. It appears as if the...

14th April 2011

Precisely Why Guitarists Typically Go With Electro Acoustic Guitars

If you are not familiar with an electro acoustic guitar, which is going to be also referred to as semi acoustic guitars in some arenas, this is the hollow body sort of electric guitar. They may be played without the use of an amp, nevertheless the sound i...

14th April 2011

What You Ought To Take Into Account Getting A New Amp For Your Trusty Cheap Electric Guitar

Buying the best guitar amp is often overlooked, in particular by more newbie guitar players. The target will likely be for the guitar itself which will be an oversight since it is unavoidable that the under par six string may sound good via a very good am...

28th October 2010

"Art Collectors" Are Not "Artists"

Even in the world of Music, musical instruments, guitars and guitar players, there are those who are “Artists”, who through Music are trying to communicate their creativity, and then there are “Art Collectors” who are people who call themselves a “guitari...

14th April 2010

Learn to play more original guitar solos playing less notes

I can't forget a story I once read in one of Miles Davis' biographies. It was about a conversation between Miles and John Coltrane. Miles was tired to death of Coltrane's never ending solos and asked him to make them which Coltrane replied:...

30th June 2009

Unsigned Guitarists Battle for the Guitar Star Title

Make A Star gives talented guitar players the chance to let their music emerge onto the worldwide Internet stage through the Guitar Star contest, and awards a $150 cash prize to the winning guitarist. The guitar is a lovely instrument with a history th...

01st June 2009

Learning to Read Guitar Sheet Music

Being able to read guitar sheet music can be an invaluable asset in today's world. As we know, becoming a pro guitarist means entering a very competitive field. You will need every advantage you can muster, and then some. So before we go any further le...

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