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04th May 2011

All About Music And Mixing Of Tracks

Mixing is an amazing art and itís not a science. Professionals spend a substantial amount of time in mixing a song, just because it can create such a big difference.A song which has not been assorted very well stands all but no chance at all today to reac...

03rd March 2011

General Tips on Microphones

Did you realize that you don't have to go all the way to a fancy studio to do some recording of your material? Strides in audio technology have made it easy for any eager musician to access some of what's necessary for building a recording studio in your ...

16th September 2010

Cover Bands for Different Events

Different events need different kinds of entertainment, but one thing most people find acceptable at all kinds of events is music. Music speaks across all ages and kinds of people and unites them in enjoyment. But live music from a cover band will make yo...

05th August 2010

Steve Miller Band Tours for Bingo!

The Steve Miller Band is currently touring in support of a new record, Bingo!, due out June 15th. The band will tour through the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Six Canadian stops are scheduled along the tour, as well as two dates in the U.K. In a video rele...

09th October 2009

Country Music Star Blake Shelton - Home

Visit: With the success of his 2008 chart-topper Home, Blake Shelton took a career step With the release of his CD ' Startin' Fires. He takes it to a entirely new level. Home ' took Shelton into new musical territory. Vocally it rea...

10th August 2009

Buy Michael Jackson books

The King of Pop as he was fondly known was one of the leading figures in the entertainment industry for 20 years spanning from 1980 to the mid 1990's. Anybody dancing around the globe then would not finish a performance without the trademark Michael Jack...

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