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29th November 2011

How to Reduce Belly Fat and Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps

How to Reduce Belly Fat and Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps Embarrassment really isn't the worst part of having a flabby midsection. That spare tire around your tummy will increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes (yikes!). Thankfully, you d...

12th April 2011

Handling the Stress & Emotions of Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events that can occur in life. It often represents the loss of hopes and dreams, not only for you, but for your children as well. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself; take a bath, go for a run or a hike...

18th February 2011


Have you ever felt heavy or sick? The reason behind that may be in the toxins that are hidden in your body. Unhealthy diets, stress, pollution and chemicals we are in contact with every day intoxify our bodies making us feel heavy, bad. Fortunately, there...

11th February 2011

Hair Growth Tips

As people age, they begin to lose their hair. It starts to thin out and inevitably, fall out. You might notice that the thickness of your hair has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. There are plenty of hair growth tips that you can take to make ...

24th September 2010

Best Diet Program Gives Rewards

By Lori in Diet
Instead of getting frustrated, an individual ought to incorporate a healthy practice from a person's best weight loss program each and every chance she or he gets. Performing small adjustments brings about long term achievement. In the event folks attempt...

05th July 2010

Six Ways to Look Younger

Aging is the one thing that we can rest assured is going to happen to us, now the key to this is to stay looking young for as long as we can. Now, how can we do this, well, here are 6 ways to look younger. 1) The first way we show our age is when we s...

13th May 2010

Healthy Food Recipes

Staying healthy nowadays is more or less a trend today. There are many people who want to stay in shape and eating a Healthy Food Recipe is one of the key factors. Eating a healthy diet is one way to prevent mishaps inside your body; it can prevent heart...

29th December 2009

Know the Skin Care Myths

There are many skin care myths making their way from ear to ear. How many of us have heard that chocolate causes breakouts? I'm sure that 99 percent of readers have heard that particular saying at least once in their life. The higher the SPF rating, th...

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