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22nd June 2011

Men’s Wedding Ring - How Time Has Changed the View of the Men’s

Not just do women enjoy showing off the pretty rings, but the rings immediately leads to new feelings. Though women in general have a lot of positive opinions about wearing wedding rings, a man doesn't always share matching feelings in relation to men’s w...

02nd June 2011

Oklahoma City Divorce - How To Have A Peaceful Divorce

What exactly is a peaceful divorce? In lawyer jargon, a peaceful divorce is referred to as an ‘uncontested divorce’. Basically, an uncontested divorce is where the husband and the wife are in 100% agreement on each one of the major issues. Now, take no...

15th June 2010

Get A Unique Princess Wedding Ring

If you want to have a wedding ring that you can be proud of throughout your lifetime and one that will stay in style for ages to come, you should get a princess wedding ring. This type of ring is both modern and classic, and will definitely not go out of ...

22nd December 2009

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Get a Divorce?

It is Christmas Eve and you are surrounded by family as you admire the ornaments on the tree and enjoy a warm beverage by the fireplace. You have left all of the crowds at the mall behind and, wrapped in brightly colored packages, you have the perfect pr...

28th October 2009

Various kinds of wedding rings for you

Wedding day comes just for one time in a man's or a woman's life. Therefore it is true that the bride and groom will wear the wedding rings for just one time in their life. It is also a fact that they will wear it throughout their lifetime. So in selectin...

23rd September 2009

The Perfect Wedding Ring

Traditionally, a wedding band was worn on the ring finger of the left hand because it was believed that the vein in that finger went straight to the heart. A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry which will be worn everyday of your life to signify your love ...

17th September 2009

What is exempt property and what can you keep with the federal exemptions?

"The purpose of an exemption is to protect a debtor and his family against absolute want by allowing them, out of his property, some reasonable means of support and education and the maintenance of the decencies and proprieties of life." Poznanovic v. M...

10th August 2009

Indian, Asian Wedding Photography Leicester, Anish Mistry

Anish is a highly creative photographer who has a unique and inspirational take with each image captured. He is an enthusiastic and vibrant photographer that has the ability to create astounding portfolios of pictures for a variety of clients, from restau...

19th July 2009

I’m in ‘Chains

In days gone by, gold held a fascination for many, men in particular, since it started to be used as a way of paying for goods and services. Imagine having your own gold coins - complete with your profile engraved - so you would be recognized even far awa...

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