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07th March 2012

Can Hand Cream Keep Your Hands From Aging?

Hands are the parts of body that exhibit your personality. By just looking at a personís hands, you may make an educated guess about his or her age. The lines, wrinkles, flakes, black spots and bruises at your hands wonít let you hide your age. Everybody ...

11th June 2010

Congress wins 9 out of 11 seats where Rahul Gandhi campaigned

With the declaration of election results for three state assemblies, Congress is going to form government again in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh. Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi campaigned for three days in Maharashtra and Haryana. Th...

18th March 2010

Accessories: How to Get the More Medieval Look with Your Clothes!

No matter what kind of event you're planning to attend to, there's always room for improvement in terms of your medieval clothes. If you make your own clothes, you can always add new styles, maybe a cut or two or embroidered gold here or there but if you ...

15th February 2010

IPod Movie Films - A Cinema As Part Of Your Hands

Did you ever see that movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins when he was a primatologist and he was performing function out within the jungle when he befriended a group of silverbacks? Well, what happens is that these bastard gorilla poachers arrive by and attack...

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