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06th May 2011

New Wooden Clock with Tortoise and Hare Clock Hands

New Wooden Clock with Tortoise and Hare Clock Hands Ankaka brings you the latest in Modern Aesthetic Technology with its Wooden Alarm Clock. As one of the newest in innovative electronics to come out of China, this simple yet delightful cube is an es...

19th November 2010

Christmas Presents for Wives and Girlfriends

If you are looking for Christmas presents for girlfriend then read on to find out about the special gift ideas we have. Whether you are looking for something romantic or something more practical, we have a great range of Christmas presents. If you want...

16th November 2010

Islamic Art for Sale

Looking for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Looking for original art work to gift to someone? Looking to ensure that your gift does not offend the receiver from the point of view of Islamic considerations where art is concerned? Well what are y...

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