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24th February 2011

Traveling With Autism

By CARD in Family
Iíve seen and heard my share of children's tantrums in the autism clinic over the years, but Iíve never thought about the obstacles that families traveling with an autistic child have to deal with. What happens if a child with autism starts a tantrum at a...

14th October 2010

Parenting Autism - What About The Siblings?

When a family member is diagnosed with autism, there is a vast amount of information teaching parents how to cope with an autistic child. They will also learn how to manage behavior. Sadly, siblings of autistic children are given very little information ...

17th May 2010

LifePROTEKT announces the opening of an online retail outlet

Today LifePROTEKT, dedicated to bringing parents and caregivers information and support to help manage their care giving responsibilities, announces the opening of an online retail outlet at will offer the l...

21st December 2009

Have You Thought About Winter Gardening for Autistic Children?

Winter gardening for autistic children during the cold months is exciting, fun, and enjoyable. How do you get started with this gardening project when there is snow on the ground? First, one must realize there are children with autism who enjoy seeing...

16th December 2009

Delight in Sledding With Autistic Children

Most autistic children enjoy the snow, just as other children do without a disorder. What better way to enjoy the snow, that to go sledding. There is snow in many parts of the world. Some parts of the world, there are four seasons. One of the seasons ...

14th December 2009

Learn How to Make Haircuts Less Stressful in Salons and Barber Shops, for Autistic Children

Taking a child that has autism to get their hair cut or styled, to a salon or barber shop may become a challenge to the parents or caregivers. The event of doing this can also be an enjoyable trip for the child as well as the stylists. The first step w...

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