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24th November 2011

Understanding Residential VoIP Uses for You

In earlier times long distance calls were the only way of communication between people with others present at distant places. But the introduction of the internet communication technology spawned new ways for people to talk to each other. Because of this,...

18th February 2011

Virtual Communication: Software or Sites?

Software for internet communication are rather many and diverse. The number of their users rises with time and they seem extremely convenient. But however, it is far better to use them for communication with those whom you knwo well: friends, relatives, c...

11th February 2011

Social Networks: Advantages versus Disadvantages

The popularity of social networks today is really great. Both developers and users have felt it. Modern people often even can't imagine themselves without social networks and internet communication. But is this good or bad tendency? In this article we wil...

18th June 2010

Quality Free Webcam Chat

Although the various forms of internet communication boast of their own features and functions, they basically come back to the basics of connecting people together. Depending on one's preference to just read lines splayed across his screen versus anothe...

10th December 2009

Cheap Calls

It is the human nature that makes him to be with his family, to stay in touch and spend time with them. This natural love for a family increases when a person travels far from his loved ones. But for the people who stay away from their family telecommunic...

26th October 2009

3G Apple iPhone

The new 3G Apple iphone is one of the hottest devices due to its beautiful and unique user interface. This gadget can be used for browsing the Internet, communication, or listening to music. It can also capture videos and images and can also be used to ma...

15th October 2009

Not Lost in Business Translation Anymore

Understanding each other in a common language is an important aspect in human relationships since language promotes unity and coherence. There are over a hundred languages in the world today. Aside from those, each country has vernacular languages, to...

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