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23rd August 2011

Panasonic Interactive Electronic Whiteboards

Panasonic have a line of electronic whiteboards known as Panaboards. The UB5815 comes with an integrated printer and print drivers that allow the user to scan the document with the push button print the information on the card. Interactive Whiteboards ...

18th July 2011

Document Imaging Support - Relocating Towards a Paperless Society

Taking the hardcopy of their contracts, consumer get the job done and information of invoices and other sensitive elements and passing them by way of a document imaging procedure permits all of the paperwork in an workplace to be condensed down to a digit...

05th July 2011

Photography Lesson - Shooting RAW

As we have already viewed, configurations these kinds of as these, although fixed in capture formats these as TIFF and JPEG, are completely adjustable when shooting RAW.What does this signify in our day-to-day photography? All is not lost if just after do...

11th February 2011

HTC Mobile phones and Apple Mobile phones : pre-plan your choice

HTC and apple are those twp brands who are in a continuous war and plan to be in tiff type competition always. Now is the comparison between there two great phone manufacturers presently and this war will have no end that is what seems.In the race of the ...

29th September 2010

Ben Affleck interview for The Town

While in Toronto for TIFF I caught up with Ben Affleck, who directs and stars in The Town, an intense and gritty crime caper set in Boston. The Town has a September 17th release date in the US and September 24th in the UK. Check out the synopsis and what ...

27th August 2010

All about Masking in the Photo world

Photographing nowadays has passed the level of using ordinary digital camera. There is much software with which images can be manipulated to give them a wonderful look. With increasing demand for high quality pictures, there are a number of photo enhancem...

17th August 2010

Useful information on Rolled Canvas Prints

Rolled canvas prints are chosen for several purposes. A rolled canvas print is much safer when shipped, while a stretched canvas is potentially exposed to sharp impact and possible damage. A rolled canvas is seldom damaged by an impact. The cost of ...

25th May 2010

How to Order for Prints of your photos on canvas

Taking a photograph seizes the moment forever and enables you to recollect the memory of the person, place or object, whenever you want. Traditionally printed photographs were put in to a standard size of photo albums; then came even larger photo albums f...

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