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23rd August 2011

Games for girls Hannah Montana

Play modern teenager is crazy to imagine without computer games. And if the boys more Byzantine shootings and car racing, for girls there is a truly different type of games that are in general not aggressive, less dynamical, ie correspond to the future of...

21st January 2011

Pink Converse Boots As A Birthday Present

It is my cousin Lisa's birthday on the 24th of this month and it took me five days to decide on what to give her. She is like my younger sister because we grew up together. We are also neighbors that are that's why we are very close to each other.. She al...

12th July 2010

Animated Cartoons Movie Upin dan Ipin Go International?

Succed in asia,the animated cartoon movie of upin dan ipin adventures is waiting to go to the international market. About Upin dan Ipin movie : Upin dan ipin is the name of twins brother character in the upin dan ipin animated cartoon movies. These...

21st April 2010

Pig Story Review - 'Piggis Play Games' by Dave Donicci

'Piggis Play Games' is the first in a series of short stories written by Dave Donicci. Each story is about a family of pigs, known as Piggis, who live in a beautiful village called Piggi Paradise. There are eight members of the family; the mother, fat...

08th February 2010 Reports Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattering Google

In case you've missed it, China's irrepressible shanzhai enthusiasts have been at it again, using imitation to pay tribute to Google. Since Google's Jan. 12 announcement that it might withdraw from the Chinese market, two knockoff Web sites have appear...

23rd October 2009

The Difference Between Free and Paid Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

Reverse cell phone lookup services are now becoming popular among individuals and companies to find who the owner is. This new technology is helping people and companies to have background check for known and known fixed and cell phone numbers. We cannot ...

16th September 2009

Fiona Apple - A Star In Her Prime Hitting The Stage

Very few female artists in the world today combine the stage presence, searing lyrics and sultry style that Fiona Apple brings to life in all of her work. Apple has gained a wide-ranging and extremely loyal following, and she is set to perform live in sev...

24th July 2009

Pop glasses for spandy ladies

By ehco in Beauty
It is girls' nature to tart up and be an eye-catcher. I chuck away the chance to be charming; due to the damned short sight accompanied with wretched eyeglasses. I am always envious of people with good vision. However, sunglasses are in demand to protect ...

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