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29th January 2013

The Public And Schools Can Obtain Books Online At A Great Discount

Reading is something that allows people to expand their minds. In the case of helping students with reading comprehension, reading classics is a crucial part of the curriculum in many schools. This typically includes classic masterpieces like the works of...

12th January 2010

Why the Kindle Will Never Replace Traditional Books

Electronic book readers are nothing new. Amazon's Kindle reader is no exception. The Amazon Kindle - a software and hardware platform that allows users to download and read electronic books - was first released in November 2007. Whether the reader wa...

27th October 2009

Quick tips for getting a teenager interested in reading

Struggling readers, especially teens, don't develop a profound love of reading by some gift from above. Adolescent literacy is achieved through practice. And yet all too often, teens whose only exposure to reading is through assignments at school begin to...

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