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16th December 2011

Olympus PEN E-PL2 CMOS Digicam User Report

Olympus has develop into a brand name to depend upon when considering investing in best digital cameras. This PEN E-PL2 is actually a ground breaking 12.several Mega pixel digital photographic camera with interchangeable lens, a Stay MOS sensor and tons a...

10th January 2011

Digital Photography For Beginners - Understanding Exposure

Exposure is controlled by each of these controls differently. Aperture controls the amount of area exposed to light. Shutter speed controls the amount of time light is let in. ISO governs the camera's sensitivity of the sensor to the exposure. The key her...

14th December 2010

LG 42LX6900 3D Ready Television Review

During the past few years, the television industry has gone through a range of developments. Its has incorporated the release of LCD and LED tvs, the move to HD Televisions and at the present the upcoming release of the new 3D TV on to the market. Makers ...

13th December 2010

Tips for Low Light Photography

The basic reason why taking a picture works is because light reacts with the chemicals on the photo paper. Light is a necessary part of this equation, and usually the more light the better. Unfortunately, there is not always enough light available, and so...

03rd November 2010

The Low Light Digital photography Challenge

Low light photography is an incredible challenge, especially if you're attempting to do it without the use of a flash. Low light photography is a challenge to any photographer. Low light photography is not necessarily just night photography, as many peo...

03rd November 2010

Key Features Of The LG 42LX6900

After HD, 3D TV will be the next new buzz in TV entertainment. Makers are already marketing a variety of advertisements for the arrival of 3D Television sets at several technology trade shows around the globe. Their goal: the complete launch of 3D TV by t...

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