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10th May 2011

Hari Removal Procedures and Treatments

People's desire to remove unwanted hair goes back a long time, the practice being at the very least as old as the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Maybe it was because of Nefertiti, renowned through history for her looks, that we still associate the removal...

06th December 2010

Information About The Yearly Bangkok Florist Show In Thailand

Each and every year, for the past twenty years Bangkok has hosted one of the most prominent florist shows in Asia. Thanpuying Lursakdi Sampatsiri is the coordinator of this event which had been formally opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasm. Ge...

04th February 2010

Matcha Green Tea - Ancient Wisdom For Modern Weight Loss

It has been ritually grown and enjoyed for centuries, used by Zen Buddhist monks to aid in meditation and well-being, is the traditional drink of the ancient and beautiful Japanese tea ceremony, and is now in modern times being hailed as perhaps the easie...

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