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17th August 2011

SMTP mail service: redefining the communication system

Managing mail may seem an easy affair but it at times, it can make you go literarily crazy when you find that the entire mail service is acting up and thereby affecting the work flow. Now, in those difficult situation, you will certainly look for somethin...

30th March 2011

SMTP : Indispensable and Infallible for Communication

Simple mail transfer protocol, as the name suggests in reality simplifies all the complications of the global communication. The enormity of interconnectivity and the vastness of the geographical expanse are not felt only because of the presence of SMTP s...

22nd December 2010

Sending & Receiving Messages through an SMTP Server

In August 1982, Information Sciences Institutes proposed Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, nowadays commonly referred to as SMTP, as the most standard way to send and receive mail messages. The older methods of mail sending involved some complications and th...

16th April 2009

Sony Ericsson X1 XEPERIA Silver – A Business Phone

Sony Ericsson X1 XEPERIA Silver is the first model of Samsung in X series, that operates over the operating system of Windows Mobile. It is also equipped with a personalized interface in case anyone wants to change the operating system. The other function...

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