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03rd May 2011

Water coolers to hydrate and energize employees for productivity

We all know how water is extremely crucial for our existence and survival. But, today, water is not seen as merely quenching our thirst, but it should be clean and without germs also so that it does not adversely impact your health. The need for always r...

11th January 2011

A glance at the idolization of American Idol

The show fast turned into a subject for talk 'around the water cooler ' as folk discussed the singing capability of the competitors still on the program and debated who should get cut and sent home next. By the point the season curtain call run on Septemb...

25th February 2010

Overview of the effortless process of setting up water fountains within office premises

Devices for cooling and dispensing water are in demand across Australia. Different offices and organizations are setting up water filters and connecting these filters to the coolers. This is seen almost in all common places and to be specific to maintain...

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