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05th October 2011

Recycling Can Be The First Step Towards Greener Living

When most people think about going green, they immediately imagine people dwelling in a camper and making their own clothes and growing their own food. Nevertheless, greener living can be attained without making such a radical shift in the way you live yo...

04th May 2011

Commercial Foodservice Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Restaurateurs look to offer high quality service, while doing all they can to cut their costs. Buying commercial foodservice supplies at wholesale prices saves time and money, and ensures that they can achieve their goals without compromising on quality. ...

25th March 2011

Foodservice Supplies - Cups and Lids

Foodservice supplies refer to a wide variety of products meant commercial as well as home use. These include products for facility maintenance, food and drinks, food containers, party supplies, and much more. When it comes to serving beverages in restaura...

06th October 2010

Plastic as a new frontier of ecology

Plastic is without doubt one of the most commonly used materials today. We are astonished to realize that 90% of the objects that we use every day is made of plastic or have plastic parts. Plastic is in fact now central to the current industrial syste...

19th August 2010

Solving the Plastic Bag Pandemic: Natureworks Biodegradable Plastics and Trash Bags

Did you know that it's estimated that the world uses approximately 1 trillion, 500 billion plastic bags a year? That's equivalent to almost 1 million plastic bags every minute. Per family, that's 60 bags per every 4 trips to the grocery store. One o...

04th June 2010

Why is Stainless Steel so Eco-Freindly?

We have all heard that stainless steel is an eco-friendly alternative to other metals. But what is never explained is why stainless steel is better for the environment than copper, nickel or another material. What are the exact properties that make stai...

08th February 2010

Green Tips for Hip Moms

Whether you're a hippy from way back, or just riding the trend of the times, Green is definitely in. Savvy moms win cool points and save cash by being eco-conscious and teach kids important life lessons about caring for the planet. Go Green for Lunch - D...

04th December 2009

3 Day Detox Diet Preparation Tips

Before you get cracking on a detox diet, there are some things that you need to gather or source so that you have them ready for when you start. Many of these you will already have, or will know where to get hold of, but you should do this in plenty of ti...

16th July 2009

Getting Plastic Recycling Symbols

Have you ever wondered what these engraved marks in plastic bottles or appliance parts mean? Frequently, we find ourselves confused about the purpose of these recycling symbols and their relevance to environmental and health issues. Plastic recycling...

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