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26th May 2011

Its a Colorful World: The Meaning of Color Across Borders

As children, we are often asked whats your favorite color? We believed that our color choice says a lot about who we are, and that the questioner will immediately understand its meaning. But colors, like words, do not carry universal meaning. We al...

25th January 2011

Cooking Mama, Virtual Kitchen Games

In the stream of entertainment on internet, there are many varieties that are being played during the world and cooking mama games category is one of them. There is lots of cooking mama video games created to date to teach the players and give them least ...

15th December 2010

Free Divorce Advice for Women Undergoing Emotional Abuse

Trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage? This article brings light to what goes on during emotional abuse and provides free divorce advice that women should know in order for them to make the best decision possible regarding their situations. Emotio...

14th October 2010

Different Styles of Painting

India as a land of diversity also inhabits various forms of beautiful paintings. The styles of Indian painting are always on the top of world. This is because India has developed geographic and regional diversity. Whether it is about miniatures or murals,...

29th September 2010

Is Fear Keeping You In An Abusive Marriage? How You Can Escape

Is Fear Keeping You In An Abusive Marriage? How You Can Escape I was recently taking in a horror movie with my son when he suddenly made an amazing remark, Its not so scary anymore, because weve seen the killer. How true that statement is in every ...

16th April 2009

Book Review:

Title: "Don't Worry About A Thing, Dear" Why Women Need Financial IntimacyAuthor: Helga HaysePublisher: Primelife Publishing, San Mateo, CA, USAISBN: 0-9778368-2-7Price: $14.95, Date: 2006, Page Count: 195"Don't Worry About A Thing, Dear&qu...

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