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09th September 2011


Canvas is a widely use material, its use to make sails, backpacks, marquees and even tents, one common use for canvas would be for painting s and canvas printing which is a very popular medium and subject . If you choose to have a canvas print or even if ...

22nd June 2011

When Painting In Oils, What Preparation Is Needed For Supports?

The support you use for painting in oils on can be either a timber product, a board product (like MDF), plywood or canvass. These all have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Priming Supports But supports for oil paintings in general ne...

20th December 2010

Best Face Primer for Oily Skin – Get Clear Pores & Long Lasting Makeup

Choosing a good face primer is one of the most important steps in your beauty routine. This can be an especially difficult task if you have oily skin. Primer “sets the stage” for your makeup, allowing you to have a fresh looking complexion all day long, ...

22nd November 2010

Primary Key Points for Making an Art Collage

When you have a pleasing composition, blend in non-photographic objects. Using the focal picture, choose a color scheme for the overall collage. Cut out expressive phrases in magazines or newspapers that relates to your pictures or your feelings. Use a pe...

15th November 2009

Double baby jogging stroller.

For people who want to preserve the organic color of the wood that it has when they buy their furnishings, it is a common practice to use a teak sealer. They often use it to darken it up a little as well. The sealant isn't only going to change the color o...

25th August 2009

Prints, and the methods used to create them, are distinct

When choosing wall art you may have encountered the option of having canvas prints from photos printed. It can be a customized way to create just the atmosphere that you want in a space. With the options that you have to choose from in your own photograph...

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