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24th May 2011

Atlantic International Partnership Headlines: China as Number One? Donít Bet Your Bottom Dollar

By: Tom Engelhardt Tired of Afghanistan and all those messy, oil-ish wars in the Greater Middle East that just donít seem to pan out? Count on one thing:...

12th April 2011

LG Brings 3D to Smartphones

The exhilaration abates as the screens get smaller. Even seriously massive display TVs have been criticised for not becoming in a position to give a total 3D knowledge. As we know, the greatest smartphone screens are still a lot, much smaller sized than t...

24th November 2009

Divorce - Become A Divorce Attorney Secretary With 3 Simple Tips

If you are looking to make that quick buck really quick and if you want to learn more about a trade, then being a secretary to a divorce attorney is your best choice for a career. Divorce attorneys are quite popular since the time divorce laws were formul...

09th April 2009

A Beautiful You - Hair & Make Up Tips

Although we are all brought up being told that it's what inside that counts, we're all very interested in our appearance. Women especially want to make sure that they look at their best whenever they set foot outside the door. Some of my friends won't eve...

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