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23rd July 2010

Call Center Industry, Philippine’s Top Rising Industry

One of the best jobs that many Filipinos are saying today is being a call center agent. What made it so popular among many Filipinos is because of its competitive benefits and salary. Though not all call center agencies can provide the same competitivenes...

03rd June 2010

Call Center Expansions And Downgrades In The Philippines

When we say call centers, the first thing that usually comes into mind are customer support and customer care services, which may also include technical services or travel services. However, many call centers today, such as the many call centers in the Ph...

02nd June 2010

Call Center Industry Of The Philippines

What is a call center? Call center, or call centre in other nations, is a centralised office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. Almost every country of every world are known for their call center ag...

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