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17th April 2009

Hair problems and how to take care of them

Health and nutrition are closely interlinking words. And when comes the question of the health of our hair it is the most crucial part. The health of our hair greatly depends on the amount and proportion of nutrition to it. Therefore it becomes essential ...

16th April 2009

Effective Solutions For Skin Care Dilemmas

Skin care is a daunting task. Maintaining the proper health of your skin and maintaing it requires steady skin care. The skin quality can get affected by a number of factors such as climatic conditions, your period, skin care products that you use and so ...

25th March 2009

Let those curly locks look amazing with Nexxus and Deva Curl products

Curling irons are good; however, they must not be used very often. They can cause thermal abuse, which will then produce brittle, dry, and unmanageable curly hair. They may even lose their essential nutrients and can damage your scalp. If you're looking f...

22nd March 2009

SPF – What To Know About It?

Sunscreens protect the skin against sun damage. However, you may still be vulnerable to the harmful ultraviolet radiation of sunlight in spite using sunscreens religiously. This may be because you may be using the wrong SPF! What is SPF? SPF is the Su...

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