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02nd September 2010

Homemade Skin Whiteners Tips for Your Skin

Start from the bottom half of your body working your way up the upper half. When spraying the sunless spray, you should bend your joints when they are applying. This reinforces the skin and ensures an even tone. Be careful not to spray too much in areas w...

13th August 2010

Is make-up vanity making a comeback?

The makeup vanity - something once associated with our Grandma's and the Victorian ages, is now making one hell of a comeback. No longer frail looking and quaint, there are now new designs of makeup vanity that are bound to meet every household requiremen...

12th August 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall - One of Those Must Have Locker Accessories

There are several accessories that you can use for your locker that you can make on your own. Mirrors are a great addition to school lockers. For students, image is everything and getting a chance to check out hair, makeup or maybe even an outfit, is a ro...

10th August 2010

Choosing Your New Hair Color at a Tampa Hair and Beauty Salon

Whether or not you are getting a haircut at your favorite Tampa hair and beauty salon, consider having a new hair color or even just highlights. The appropriate hair color or highlights can change your look even without a haircut. If you also opt for a ha...

06th August 2010

Health and Beauty Tips: Your Key to Overall Health

These days, health and beauty are almost synonymous with being healthy. This is because an unhealthy body will tend to look haggard, tired and old. For this reason, it is important to take care and constantly monitor your health and beauty as well as your...

05th August 2010

Beauty Consultants And Your Well Being

By rock in Beauty
Who does not poverty to look beautiful? Who does not crave used for favorable glances and generous good wishes going on for oneself? Beauty is an all-encompassing feeling of raw and mental wholesomeness. It reflects in the sphere of the raw skin texture a...

05th August 2010

Most Admired Beauty Products

By rock in Beauty
Women end new attention to their brute aspects. They are conscious re their beauty. It has been alleged with the purpose of arrived order to look new beautiful, a woman be obliged to know how to take attention to detail of her self. Arrived order to make ...

05th August 2010

Beauty Tips- Make-Up And Cosmetics

By rock in Beauty
Function these 12 complimentary beauty tips to ensure you cause the top figure benefit from your first-rate of make-up and cosmetics: Free Beauty Tip #1: Whilst shopping on behalf of lip color and eye shadow, position a clean sheet of ashen paper in...

19th July 2010

Facial Masks Great Way to Treat Skin

Facial masks are a great way to treat your skin once a week at home. You can find masks for every skin type with variety ofdifferent ingredients. There are mud masks to help your skin smooth and some that are specifically designed to help with acne proble...

07th July 2010

The 5 Deadly Makeup Sins

Thou shalt not cheat on your husband. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not wear the wrong color foundation! Okay, that last one might not be Biblical, but it should be known to all women because a bad coat of face is one of the 5 Deadly Makeup Sins. I'...

07th July 2010

Acne Caused by Makeup

Many people find it hard to believe that you can suffer with acne at any age and do not have to be a teenager. While it is true that acne will often become apparent during the formative years, many people do in fact find it a temporary condition although ...

06th July 2010

A Beautiful Love Affair: Women and Beauty Products

By john in Beauty
Copyright (c) 2010 John Howell It's said that Cleopatra used black and green powder to give her that signature eye look we're still copying today. With that in mind, it's safe to say that women all over the world have long had a mild (and sometimes ...

02nd July 2010

The Acne Cure In Regards To Any Teenager

By Lori in Beauty
The teenage years tend to be an instant in life that folks will be growing into women or men and a breakout is merely an effect of the variations in hormone levels. You will find numerous situations that have a function in regards to your growth of growth...

25th June 2010

Selecting the Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Did you know lipsticks and most other makeup for that matter are categorized into warm, cool or neutral colors? Additionally, your skin tone can be categorized into these three basic tones. Therefore, those people with a warm skin tone generally look best...

17th June 2010

About Hair Growth

Hair loss can be genetic but while a hereditary outlook to hair loss is something you are born with, it is added accelerated to a great degree by many other issues that are in your manage. Many people have asked "How can this be? Everyone knows male patte...

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