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17th August 2014

Gold and Diamond in Jewelry

With the Jewelry Sales growing by leaps and bounds all over the world, a novice might just get confused with the staggering amount of details provided while purchasing a piece of jewelry – be it Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelet, Bangles or Necklaces. ...

10th June 2011

Is Giving Jewelry too Personal for a Co-Worker or Friend?

Jewelry can seem like the perfect gift for a loved one for any number of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries; to Valentine’s Day. But what about as a gift for friends and coworkers? Is the gift of unusual handmade jewelry too personal? The true a...

16th February 2011

Ways to Have the Best Diamond Ring

What is the best thing you can give to your partner? Are you romantic and sweet to her? Do you want to show that she is very special to you? Are you interested to give her an expensive gift such as a diamond ring? This article can really help you a lot. ...

05th March 2010

Designer wedding bands

The wedding: It is that magical moment that is worshiped in every single culture. It is a time where a man and a woman join their lives. They promise devotion and love to each other, for better or for worse, until death brings them apart. This promise als...

23rd August 2009

Fall's Jewelry with Fabulous Colors

With the runway shows for the up and coming fall season complete, we can now take a step back and look at some of the biggest trends in color. It's not just about seeing these tones in the form of apparel separates and evening gowns; it carries over to wh...

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