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28th March 2012

Your Best Plasma Tv Manual

Once you're acquiring a 32 INCH TV or hd tv set, this is going to be a balance in between your sizing, features plus the very very best obtainable value. Supplied the quite a few possibilities available to the market in today, your purchasing knowledge co...

26th September 2011

Hundreds of Channels and No Monthly Charge

There are many advantages to having Freesat installation as opposed to watching Freeview TV. In total the majority of the UK can pick up around 150 channels of digital TV and radio and best of all once you have paid for the installation there is nothing t...

17th June 2011

Panasonic Viera TXP50ST30 3D Ready Plasma Television Review

Out of the three introduced series of 3D plasma line-up in 2011, the ST30 series slots edition is considered as a great and affordable choice than the high end VT30 series and the mid-tier GT30 series. If you compare the designs and features of the ST30 ...

03rd March 2011

Philips Ambilight 40PFL9705H/12 3D Ready LED Television Review

A modern television wouldn't typically be considered high end without a Freeview HD tuner, but the Philips 40PFL9705H proves to be the exception to the rule. Even though Philips' latest addition to their TV lineup doesn't provide people with access to the...

28th February 2011

Benefits of Freeview+ HD

Most of us like to watch our favourite shows and movies over and over again. For a long time this meant heading out to the movie rental store to pick up a titles that had to be back in a few days. Wouldn't it be great to have access to your favourite sh...

28th February 2011

Going HD

When you are looking at improving the television service you currently have, there are many things that you can do. With the digital switchover nearing its completion most people have now gone digital, but often just buying a new set-top box or TV with di...

06th December 2010

What is Freesat?

Freesat sounds like it is just another make of Freeview box, but it is actually a totally different way of receiving digital TV, without any subscriptions. Both have certain things in common they have many television channels to choose from, can come in...

05th August 2010

Cost Effective plans for Broadband, TV and phone calls

The following Guide helps you to save in communication industry: Mobile Phones - The Ofcom's website gives details about the network having good coverage. Make wise decisions regarding phone contract deals from pay as you go and co...

19th July 2010

BBC Deliver More Details About Project Canvas

For more information please check Live Internet TV Website: The BBC Trust have released the latest report on the new Internet TV cooperation that is project Canvas. The initiative led by the BBC and partnering with BT...

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